Разработка и производство контрольно-измерительных приборов

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Калибровка средств измерений

ООО "Поинт" оказывает услуги по калибровке измерителей температуры и влажности собственного производства ПИ-002, а также средств измерений других



      Sensors of this type are designed to measure the surface temperature of solids by contact method.

        A plate (cap) is welded to the tip of protective cover/sheath of sensor and measurement of temperature is provided by contact method (probe type Pn, Pv (see table 3.1)).
        Mounting of the sensor on the surface can be performed by clamps or by means of special equipment (bracket), which is also mounted to surface by clamps.
        It is recommended to clean dirt, paint, rust and etc before installing the temperature sensor to the measured object.
        Temperature sensors can be manufactured in the following modifications: TS-B; TP-B; TS-B-U; TP-B-U.

The design parameters of this type of temperature sensors must be agreed with manufacturer!